Saturday, August 2, 2008

And So It Continues...

The injections continue. I forgot how hard this is! My hormones are totally screwed right now. I'm an emotional mess. Don't freak out if I start crying on you in the middle of a conversation. I think the first days of injections I was excited and anxious. That feeling has since passed and the injections are starting to sting. I think it's partly because the medicine I inject in is cold, and my stomach is starting to get sensitive from repeated poking. My hair started falling out yesterday. It won't all fall out (at least it didn't last time), but I get clumps from here and there. It's interesting when it grows back because it grows back different. I have a wave in the middle of my hair that hopefully I'll lose again. I use to be totally blond with straight hair. Maybe I'll get that back this time!!! Probably'll probably come back gray knowing my luck! Also, none of my pants fit anymore. I have one skirt left that I can wear. Luckily, my friend Jenn is loaning me some clothes for the duration, then hopefully I can just go into maternity wear. My stomach is totally bloated from all the drugs. I can see why my brain made me forget this in order to make it possible to go back and do it again.

Now, I don't mean to come off totally pessimistic. This is just one rough day, I know there will be more. And really, some days are totally fine. Just don't expect me to break out in a jig!

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