Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anticipation is building...

It seems so exciting and scary that we are only a couple days away! I think I must be way more relaxed than last time totally due to having the boys, but my nerves are starting to really work overtime now that the transfer is getting closer!

Tonight is the first night that not telling our families actually interfered. Tonight was game night with Dan's family. We had to make an exit at 8:30 PM (saying the boys needed to go to bed) to get home in time to warm up the injection (and bum) and do the shot in time. Oh well, next time we'll stay and play! :)

Tonight's injection was by far the best. Not a single part of it hurt. I feel like I'm walking a little funny because the last three injections have really put a burn on my backside muscles, but hopefully my body is getting better and more use to them so I'll lose the pain's to hoping!

I have an appointment in the morning, hopefully I'll have good information to share!

At the top is a picture of my night time regimen as well as a picture of the needle used...ouch!!

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