Friday, August 22, 2008

Day #3 of Progesterone Injections

Rough! Tonight's injection took place at our good friends house. Suzy was nice enough to take pictures of the injection for us. It takes a few times of photographing injections to get each moment, so you'll see me add more as time goes on.

My mom stopped by unannounced today. I had to hurriedly hide my box of medicine and syringes. Thomas kept trying to lift my shirt to show my mom all my injection marks and bruises from the Sub-Q injections. Nice. I was able to keep my shirt down and tried to translate Thomas' remarks to say that I had spider bites (which I do, but that's not what he was trying to share). :)

Can you believe only 3 more days until the transfer? It kind of feels like coming home...those babies will be coming home to the uterus that will be their home for 40 weeks (let's hope). As you can tell, I'm getting excited. This time becomes the roller coaster of anxiety and worry combined with hope and excitement.

**Camera permanently broken right now, trust me, we'll get another one or tomorrow. :)

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