Friday, March 27, 2009

33 Week Ultrasound

The ultrasound today was fantastic. I'm there so often she's beginning to remember me and immediately does the stuff on my back and then lets me flip to my side for the remainder of the ultrasound. Since it takes an hour, I'm really appreciative! Baby A (Molly) is still tucked way down under my pelvic bone. Baby B (Kaitlyn) has taken the whole rest of the stomach. She stretches across the entire top and down each side...must be nice.

Stats: Baby A- 4#11, Baby B- 5#0
-I measure the same as someone who is 39 weeks pregnant. This is WAY smaller than last time...hooray!
-I only gained one pound last week. This means the gestational diabetes isn't playing a huge roll in the pregnancy. So far, I've only gained about 35 pounds this pregnancy. Doesn't seem like much since I gained around 65 with the boys!

My appointment was at noon. At 1:00, I was taken back to an exam room. At 1:30 (an hour and a half after my appointment time) I was informed that my OB had just been called out for a delivery. I could wait for him if desired. I left. Since I have another appt next Friday, I'm not too worried about it. I like to see position of the babies and know the weights, then I'm happy. I guess I'll have another update next week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finger Pokes...OUCH!

So today was my first full day of poking my fingers 4 times a day to monitor my blood sugar. I was pretty stressed about it, particularly because I hate anything to do with needles and poking myself. It turned out to be not a big deal and my numbers today were fantastic.

8:00- 68 (goal 60-90)
9:30- 1 hour after breakfast 121 (goal- under 140)
1:30- 1 hour after lunch 109 (goal- under 140)
6:45- 1 hour afer dinner 113 (goal- under 140)

I have an ultrasound and follow-up with Dr. Barrong in the morning. I'm hoping that Baby B (Kaitlyn) has turned head down and that Baby A (Molly) remains head down. With all the activity taking place, I have no idea who is where. It seems as though there are body parts everywhere!

The poking continues tomorrow and I'm sure it will continue for at least another week. I'm down to weekly appointments. After this Friday I get a 1-hour Non-Stress Test, a 1-hour ultrasound, and a follow-up appointment. Hopefully the poking will decrease if my numbers remain good. And while the ultrasounds sound exciting and great, I now have to do them on my side as there is too much pressure on my lungs and back if I lay down flat. Ah,the joys of having twins. :-)

BTW---- 33 weeks today! 15 days from now will mark when the boys were born. Yikes!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sibling Preparation Class

I forgot my camera...augh! Dan took some photos with his phone, so hopefully we can post those.

The boys were very excited to get to go to a class of their own. We told them it was all about them and how they get to be big brothers, and they were so thrilled. The class talked about the babies and where they live now, and how that will change when the babies are born. Then, the boys got to learn how to hold a baby and change a diaper. It was so cute. Thomas, generally not interested in having anything to do about babies, loved holding the baby and changing it's diaper (at least for a few minutes). Joshua, on the other hand, soaked up all the information possible. At one point, Thomas handed me his baby, and I was holding it with one arm, and he managed to instruct me in how to hold a baby, always with two hands. Sweet!

Thomas kept up his usual talkative personality through the whole class. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but the boys were definitely the youngest in the class by quite a margin. When she talked about what the babies would eat, Thomas went into depth about how cows give milk. When she talked about how to hold a baby so it wouldn't fall, Thomas let her know that he would make sure to catch the babies when they fell down. It was an hour long class and I think Thomas talked for about 90% of it. Hopefully, the other people found it endearing and not annoying.

**On another note, I want to make sure to remember how the boys are at this point. Thomas is fairly indifferent to the babies. He's more annoyed that I can't do what we use to do. He will talk about it for moments at a time and then is ready to move on to other things. Joshua, on the other hand, is unable to focus on anything BUT the babies. When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is crawl in bed with me and ask to talk to the babies. This continues throughout the day. It is adorable, however I wonder if he'll be devastated when they actually arrive and the tummy is no longer their home.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Glucose Results and Iron Changes

Well, this certainly has become more of an eventful pregnancy. Can't these girls just settle down and let me enjoy it?

My glucose test results came back today. I was hoping to stave it off until Monday so I could eat freely. Luckily only 2 of my blood results came back elevated.

After fasting: 81
1 hour: 197
2 hour: 214
3 hour: 125

I still get to go speak with a dietician and get a diabetic training class. It's not that I take this lightly, but seriously, I have two diabetic parents, I kind of know what to expect. And I'm also a little skeptical at this point. I'm so close to done, I'm not sure that a total change in diet is going to really help anything. Also, if you've ever met me, you know that changing my diet is a near impossibility. I can cut out sugars and eat more fruit, but cutting carbs and varying my diet is never going to happen. Pricking my fingers multiple times a day is probably also not going to happen. Unless by not doing this I am somehow hurting those babies, I will probably take it fairly lightly. We'll see how the training goes next week.

On the iron-side of things, it seems to be improving a little bit. I made myself eat some waffles, drink some OJ and take 2 iron pills last night. I felt horrible until about 2 AM and then I was able to drift off to sleep. I will either try to take 2 every night or try to alternate between one and two. I felt kind of crummy this morning, but it left quickly.

While I love being pregnant and want to remain pregnant for a while longer to enjoy it more, the drama of having all these tests and failing is taking it's toll. I'm ready for some quiet time without calls from the doctor and smooth sailing from here on out. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

32 Weeks

Crazy to think that we only have 3-4 more weeks left. It doesn't seem like it could be that close! We are nowhere near ready. Here are some pictures I had Dan take of me tonight. If it appears that I am not happy, I am. This is the best smile I've got right now!

The second picture is me last time at nearly 32 weeks, just to compare!

Yucky Testing

So today I had to go in for my 3 hour glucose test. I was not looking forward to it. I had to stop eating at 8:30 PM the night before with nothing except water until the testing was complete. I woke up a little nauseous just from lack of food and hoped that I'd be able to manage. Once in the doctor office, I was given instructions to drink the glucose liquid (like the syrup from uncarbonated pop) in 5 minutes. On an empty stomach, chugging syrup in the amount similar to a can of pop is not good. I asked if I could chew on some ice that I had brought and was told not to for a while so that the glucose didn't get dilluted. :( I was taken to an exam room where I discovered they did not have internet access for me so all I could do on the laptop was play Hearts and Majong. Blood drawing then occurred every hour on the hour for 3 hours. 2 pokes in each arm. Nice. The first two hours were horrendous. I would puke it up and then have to swallow it down. If you puke it up, you have to reschedule and do it way was that happening. I managed to catch a couple 20 minute naps on the exam table when I got bored enough.

Now I'm home, have eaten a large Quizno's sandwich and am starting to burp and gag a lot less. Dan is home for the rest of the day to assist with the children. I'll get my results on Monday hopefully. Until then I'll be snacking on my Easter candy and such just in case! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Finally home from the doctor office. The ultrasound went well. I forget how unenjoyable ultrasounds are towards the end. She finally let me lay on my side and finished the ultrasound...these babies are heavy!

Baby A (Kaitlyn) is head down and curled into a tiny little ball. She weighs 3 lbs 12 oz and is growing well. We didn't get very many statistics on her because she was so curled up and hiding.

Baby B (now Molly?) is still transverse and enjoying my rib joke. She is so high up the the ultrasound almost became a little too intimate for me. :) She is nice and stretched out and enjoying the high life of having all the room. She is the big baby right now weighing in at 4 lbs 4 oz. During the ultrasound the tech showed me some great pics of her. The tech pointed out little fat rolls. Cute! I've never had a baby with fat rolls (at least until they are nearly a year), so that would be neat. She also showed me Baby B's hair waving on top of her head. Apparently she'll be a good match to Joshua, who was SUPER hairy when he came out!

As of now, the difference in their weights and the fact that Baby B would most likely be breech means we are gearing up for a C-Section. We discussed my fears and dislikes for this and I am left hoping that Baby A goes through a nice growth spurt.

He commented that my contractions seem to be under control. Basically, I'm past the point of utter scariness so if I go into labor, the babies will be fine. However, I'd much MUCH rather wait a fwe more weeks. Seriously, if I can make it to 35-36 weeks I'll be golden. Scary to think that's only 3 weeks away.

Tip of the day from the doctor: Take orange juice with iron pills so you don't feel like puking all the time. Not sure if this works, but it's the advice he gave me. We'll see!!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Morning Update

I timed the contractions for 2 hours last night and after 4 bottles of water and some complete rest in bed, the contractions nearly stopped (down to maybe one an hour). As long as I can keep the number of contractions down, I'm in good shape! Really I just need to make it to my ultrasound/appointment on Monday to make sure nothing is changing. Dan has volunteered to take the boys for the day and let me rest in bed to make sure I make it to tomorrow without checking into the hospital. Angie will have the boys in the morning while I go to my appointment, so hopefully everything looks good and he sends me right home. I'll pack a bag just in case since last time we were caught totally off-guard.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back Labor

It's been a busy busy week and weekend. I've been totally exhausted. I'm hoping that's because of the anemia and now that I'm taking iron pills, I'm hoping that will get better.

Friday started off with some lower back pain. I believe that lower back pain was just sore muscles due to doing too much the day before. I took it easy on Friday and things seemed to get better.

I started my iron pills last night. They are horrible. They make me totally nauseous and make my stomach really upset. I'm about to take my last dose of pills for the night and in order to make it at least tolerable, I'm eating chicken nuggets at 11:00 PM just to have food in my stomach.

I'm starting to think that I am having back labor. It isn't painful, so I just can't be sure. But the fact that I don't feel regular contractions makes me a little leary. For me, this back thing is more like all the sudden the skin tightens on my back and I can feel a massive blood flow up and down my spine. I have no idea what this means, but at the moment I'm timing them, so I guess they must be contractions. If they get to be too frequent, I'll get to be a visitor at Sacred Heart tonight. If they calm down I'll reassess in the morning. I have an OB ultrasound and appointment on Monday, so I'm really REALLY hoping to make it to then. However, these back contractions seem to be more frequent that I thought they were, so keep your fingers crossed.

If you're someone who volunteered to come play with the boys if things got rough, start looking at your schedule. I'm going to try and prepare a back-up plan just in case.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

31 Week Update

My goal is to have Dan take a picture tonight, so all you wanting a picture, check back then.

Today I am 31 weeks. I'm getting so close! I'm hoping to make it 4-5 more weeks, which doens't seem to be too far away. I'm more exhausted than I ever remember being with the boys. Somedays I just can't even function.

My glucose test came back this week. I failed, miserably, with a 200. With both of my parents being diabetic, these numbers are familiar to me. Ugh. I get to go back next week for a 3 hour glucose test. I'm not looking forward to it and wondering if I can complete it without puking since I can't eat for about 15 hours straight. An empty stomach is not going to go over well. I am also extremely anemic. This is not so surprising. I just get to take extra meds now...neat. However, amidst all my complaints, I'll take it all over bedrest, so I consider myself to be doing fairly well. Contractions are at a minimum (maybe 1-2 a day) and even though I have no energy, I seem to be managing fairly well considering there are 2 toddlers running around all day long.

In fact, those toddlers call.

Friday, March 6, 2009

30 Years and 30 Weeks

Yesterday I reached my 30 week mark. 30 weeks at 30 years old. Last time I'll ever hit that mark!

I've been a little nostalgic the last few days. I know I'm nearing the end (around 6 weeks left) and I'm just not ready to be done yet. I want to feel them move more. I want to be pregnant more. This is my last time and I'm not ready for it to be over. I like when people feel my belly and feel the babies move (even though these girls are really quiet). I like being huge and answering a gazillion questions about the pregnancy. I know I'll miss it when it's gone, so I'm trying to enjoy every moment. The sheer exhaustion of having toddler boys and being pregnant with twins makes that difficult, but I make it my goal to connect with the girls during rest time every day.

Speaking of which, the girls are getting on a fairly consistent schedule (Lord knows that will change once they're here, but for now it's nice). As soon as I wake up they are kicking and moving and telling me they are hungry. I know it's 2:00 (rest time for the boys) because the girls just start moving around knowing I should be sitting still for a while. Yesterday we went to a basketball game and I could tell when 2:00 hit because the girls just started squirming like crazy. They also like to be up late at night. Anytime after midnight is fair game for them to start fighting, touching, pushing, or whatever they are doing in there.

Now that we've found the camera again, I'll try and get a picture. This is the really fun growing time so there should be some good changes over the next several weeks.