Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finger Pokes...OUCH!

So today was my first full day of poking my fingers 4 times a day to monitor my blood sugar. I was pretty stressed about it, particularly because I hate anything to do with needles and poking myself. It turned out to be not a big deal and my numbers today were fantastic.

8:00- 68 (goal 60-90)
9:30- 1 hour after breakfast 121 (goal- under 140)
1:30- 1 hour after lunch 109 (goal- under 140)
6:45- 1 hour afer dinner 113 (goal- under 140)

I have an ultrasound and follow-up with Dr. Barrong in the morning. I'm hoping that Baby B (Kaitlyn) has turned head down and that Baby A (Molly) remains head down. With all the activity taking place, I have no idea who is where. It seems as though there are body parts everywhere!

The poking continues tomorrow and I'm sure it will continue for at least another week. I'm down to weekly appointments. After this Friday I get a 1-hour Non-Stress Test, a 1-hour ultrasound, and a follow-up appointment. Hopefully the poking will decrease if my numbers remain good. And while the ultrasounds sound exciting and great, I now have to do them on my side as there is too much pressure on my lungs and back if I lay down flat. Ah,the joys of having twins. :-)

BTW---- 33 weeks today! 15 days from now will mark when the boys were born. Yikes!

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