Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sibling Preparation Class

I forgot my camera...augh! Dan took some photos with his phone, so hopefully we can post those.

The boys were very excited to get to go to a class of their own. We told them it was all about them and how they get to be big brothers, and they were so thrilled. The class talked about the babies and where they live now, and how that will change when the babies are born. Then, the boys got to learn how to hold a baby and change a diaper. It was so cute. Thomas, generally not interested in having anything to do about babies, loved holding the baby and changing it's diaper (at least for a few minutes). Joshua, on the other hand, soaked up all the information possible. At one point, Thomas handed me his baby, and I was holding it with one arm, and he managed to instruct me in how to hold a baby, always with two hands. Sweet!

Thomas kept up his usual talkative personality through the whole class. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but the boys were definitely the youngest in the class by quite a margin. When she talked about what the babies would eat, Thomas went into depth about how cows give milk. When she talked about how to hold a baby so it wouldn't fall, Thomas let her know that he would make sure to catch the babies when they fell down. It was an hour long class and I think Thomas talked for about 90% of it. Hopefully, the other people found it endearing and not annoying.

**On another note, I want to make sure to remember how the boys are at this point. Thomas is fairly indifferent to the babies. He's more annoyed that I can't do what we use to do. He will talk about it for moments at a time and then is ready to move on to other things. Joshua, on the other hand, is unable to focus on anything BUT the babies. When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is crawl in bed with me and ask to talk to the babies. This continues throughout the day. It is adorable, however I wonder if he'll be devastated when they actually arrive and the tummy is no longer their home.

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