Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back Labor

It's been a busy busy week and weekend. I've been totally exhausted. I'm hoping that's because of the anemia and now that I'm taking iron pills, I'm hoping that will get better.

Friday started off with some lower back pain. I believe that lower back pain was just sore muscles due to doing too much the day before. I took it easy on Friday and things seemed to get better.

I started my iron pills last night. They are horrible. They make me totally nauseous and make my stomach really upset. I'm about to take my last dose of pills for the night and in order to make it at least tolerable, I'm eating chicken nuggets at 11:00 PM just to have food in my stomach.

I'm starting to think that I am having back labor. It isn't painful, so I just can't be sure. But the fact that I don't feel regular contractions makes me a little leary. For me, this back thing is more like all the sudden the skin tightens on my back and I can feel a massive blood flow up and down my spine. I have no idea what this means, but at the moment I'm timing them, so I guess they must be contractions. If they get to be too frequent, I'll get to be a visitor at Sacred Heart tonight. If they calm down I'll reassess in the morning. I have an OB ultrasound and appointment on Monday, so I'm really REALLY hoping to make it to then. However, these back contractions seem to be more frequent that I thought they were, so keep your fingers crossed.

If you're someone who volunteered to come play with the boys if things got rough, start looking at your schedule. I'm going to try and prepare a back-up plan just in case.


Kim said...

I took iron pills back before I was pregnant and they were AWFUL! My doc finally switched me over to prenatal vitamins since they gave more iron than regular vitamins and seemed to be more tolerable. I'm guessing you can't do that since you're already on prenatal vitamins, what with being pregnant and all! Good luck with the pills!

Also I went into back labor with Preston. It was the worst pain of my life! No joke. I was vomiting, crying, screaming at everyone...this lasted until I demanded my epidural and some other pain meds. Then I was good to go! I HOPE you aren't in back labor! But I can't wait to meet the girls!

Post some pictures of the belly!

Tiffany said...

Jaeden is anemic right now too, and I'm trying as much as possible to get him the iron he needs/cutting back his milk so it absorbs better because I don't want him to have to be on iron pills (I can't even get him to take his vitamins/floride!). I'm sorry the pills are so terrible!

I also had back labor the night before Jaeden was coming. I thought it was nerves for several hours since I was having the c-section the next afternoon anyways, I figured out it was back labor and contractions 10min apart after about 5 hr (i said to everyone that I wouldn't know when I was in labor) and then my water broke and within a hr the contractions were 4 mins apart. Crazy! It felt to me like someone was just squeezing the heck outta me!

Well I hope you make it to your goal date!!