Thursday, March 12, 2009

31 Week Update

My goal is to have Dan take a picture tonight, so all you wanting a picture, check back then.

Today I am 31 weeks. I'm getting so close! I'm hoping to make it 4-5 more weeks, which doens't seem to be too far away. I'm more exhausted than I ever remember being with the boys. Somedays I just can't even function.

My glucose test came back this week. I failed, miserably, with a 200. With both of my parents being diabetic, these numbers are familiar to me. Ugh. I get to go back next week for a 3 hour glucose test. I'm not looking forward to it and wondering if I can complete it without puking since I can't eat for about 15 hours straight. An empty stomach is not going to go over well. I am also extremely anemic. This is not so surprising. I just get to take extra meds now...neat. However, amidst all my complaints, I'll take it all over bedrest, so I consider myself to be doing fairly well. Contractions are at a minimum (maybe 1-2 a day) and even though I have no energy, I seem to be managing fairly well considering there are 2 toddlers running around all day long.

In fact, those toddlers call.


Jolene said...

Woo woo! You're almost there!!! I can only imagine how draining it is to be growing twins.

I was anemic both pregnancies, pretty severely with Vanessa. :(

Kait T said...

Anemia is the pits. I am a natural born anemic... so lucky ;)
I can't believe you're so patient with being pregnant. I'm not at all. By the time I'm 28 weeks I"m like, "let's get this over with!" :)