Friday, March 27, 2009

33 Week Ultrasound

The ultrasound today was fantastic. I'm there so often she's beginning to remember me and immediately does the stuff on my back and then lets me flip to my side for the remainder of the ultrasound. Since it takes an hour, I'm really appreciative! Baby A (Molly) is still tucked way down under my pelvic bone. Baby B (Kaitlyn) has taken the whole rest of the stomach. She stretches across the entire top and down each side...must be nice.

Stats: Baby A- 4#11, Baby B- 5#0
-I measure the same as someone who is 39 weeks pregnant. This is WAY smaller than last time...hooray!
-I only gained one pound last week. This means the gestational diabetes isn't playing a huge roll in the pregnancy. So far, I've only gained about 35 pounds this pregnancy. Doesn't seem like much since I gained around 65 with the boys!

My appointment was at noon. At 1:00, I was taken back to an exam room. At 1:30 (an hour and a half after my appointment time) I was informed that my OB had just been called out for a delivery. I could wait for him if desired. I left. Since I have another appt next Friday, I'm not too worried about it. I like to see position of the babies and know the weights, then I'm happy. I guess I'll have another update next week!


Nicole said...

Did you change their names? I thought Kaitlin was baby A and Molly was baby B. I'm glad they are doing well and that you're feeling pretty good. I hope you get to find out about the c-section at the next appointment. I'm crossing my fingers for no c-section.

Domrese Family Blog said...

Yes, names were changed. Baby A is so quiet and mellow, it seems Molly fits her better. Baby B is active and constantly pushing out, Kaitlyn she became. Joshua likes that Kaitlyn pushes on him and seems to have a really good connection with her, so it's stuck.