Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Ultrasound/Blood Draw

August 8th was my first ultrasound/blood draw of the series. Have I told you yet that I hate needles? And, they never change the artwork there, so I'm stuck staring at the same point on the wall, week after week. Note to those phlebotomists, reading this...change the artwork on your walls!!!

The ultrasound was the same as I remember it. Did you know that when you are getting something done "down there" and you need to take off everything waist down, you can keep your socks on? This is a trick I learned during my first series. It gives me a little sense of power when they say to take it all off and I ask if I can keep my socks on. In fact, I take a special pair with me every time.

Everything looks good. One of my ovaries has a follicle in it that is good sized. Darn it! Why can't I produce those when I'm suppose to? Now they're trying to suppress my ovaries, and I've got good stuff in there! ARG! She (the substitute for Dr. Robins) said it shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure they'll check it again tomorrow.

So far, everything looks good. They added Estrace tablets (one at 7 AM, 7PM) and a baby aspirin (at 7 PM) to my injection at 7 PM. Nothing like trying to remember exactly what is suppose to go in at what time!!!

I've done well keeping quiet around the family. Boy is it hard! I think Dan is having a harder time than I am. I keep thinking about that moment when we announce and the great look on their faces. I can't wait!!!

Please, keep us in your prayers! We are nervous, excited, anxious, and just plain scared!

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The Butterfields said...

We are SOOO excited and happy for you guys. Let us know if you need anything or just an afternoon off and leave the boys with us. Hope you're feeling well.