Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blood Draw (Progesterone Check)

I had my Progesterone check up on Saturday morning. This means absolutely nothing to me. It just means that my levels of what I'm injecting are all going ok. My results came back fine.

It was quite the treat to wake up after scrapbooking with the gals until nearly midnight and go to a blood draw at 6:30 AM. Even better is that the boys woke up early too and since I'd missed bedtime, they didn't want me to leave again. So I took them both with me. This is a double-edged sword in my mind. I hate bringing them with me because it's mean for the mom's who are in the office trying, but haven't conceived yet, and here I am going through it again. I love bringing them with me because then those same moms see success at it's best and can have a little more hope. Overall, it was just fine. I had an excuse to go to Sonic and get some ice and some french toast sticks.

At this point I try not to let myself feel anything. You CAN make yourself feel pregnant, that's for sure. This morning I was really depressed because I felt like my body was trying to reject the embryos. Then, after some prayerful moments, I felt better. I also desired to have a Subway 3 meat sandwich at 9:30 AM...this is very odd for me. I can tell my body is trying, but have no idea if it's making this happen or just fighting it. 4 days and we'll have the answer. I cannot tell you how nervous and scared I am.

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