Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let The Ugliness Begin

There IS something to be said about going through this for the 3rd time. I have my favorite nurses and doctors who know me and when we greet it's with hugs and hellos. This is the most comforting feeling ever. Today I had my favorite nurse Karen. I know the people in the waiting room must thing I'm crazy because I smile when they call my name and we all shout and hug and then I'm smiling when I return. Those poor 1st timers have no idea!

My results today were fantastic! My lining of my uterus is up to a 10. This apparently is great news. She (my nurse Nina) said I'm right on schedule! Hooray!!! I am set for transfer of embryos on Monday, which seems to be coming really soon!

Tonight begins the yucky shots. The intramuscular shots are hard. Even the nurses were grimacing when they asked if I had any questions about what came next. I had them draw circles on my back to show where to give injections at. I'll have Dan or Jenn take a picture so you can see my lovely backside.

Here's my new drug regimen:

7 AM- 3 pills (one new one)
7 PM- 3 pills (that I've been doing), plus 2 new pills
9 PM- Dan sticks needle in my backside

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Nicole said...

Ah wow! Not looking forward to this step...I hate needles as much as you do and my hubby isn't much better!