Friday, April 10, 2009

35 Week Appointments

Non-Stress Test- Babies did great. Molly is WAY down low. She's always so relaxed and today she was PISSED that they dare monitor her. Both babes looked good and moved around a lot and had great baseline heart rates.

Ultrasound- Again, all looks good. The ultrasound tech didn't like that Molly was so still and tried to wake her up. She zapped her a few times with the vibration thing and that ticked Kaitlyn off, but Molly was obstinate and refused to move. I think it was mostly annoying for me.

Dr Follow-Up- At this point I will be a c-section. I just don't see a way around it, so I'm trying to deal with it. I am absolutely and totally not wanting one, but it appears it's my safest route, so I'm going to let go of all of my cons (and there are a lot of them). The reason for the c-section is that Kaitlyn is still not head down and she is quite a bit bigger than Molly. They worry about a contraction making her unable to breath if she gets stuck in the birth canal. Plus, I was told I couldn't deliver anything about 7 pounds and we're too close to that weight to be safe. The saddest part of it all is that Dan will be unable to be in the operating room during the c-section. He will miss our children being born and will most likely not be the first to hold them. Dan is a "passer outer" and is worried about drawing attention away from what is important...the birth itself. Mom will come in with me, which will be neat, but I'll miss that family moment. It also means Dan will have to take off more time from work so that I can recover.

I am now dilated to a 1-2. Nothing much, but I guess it's started. We'll see what happens this weekend!

Molly- 5#11
Kaitlyn- 6#6


Jeannette said...

They hang up a big curtain. Can't Dan just sit and not look over the curtain? No? Not that easy?

Matt didn't look until the very end and I feel like if he just stayed seated he wouldn't have seen a thing. He's a passer outer too and he did just fine. Maybe Dan's got it worse than Matt though.

The Butterfields said...

Jay hung back until it was time to pull her out, and then watched Emma cling to my organs for dear life (apparently its much cozier INside mommy!) and kept saying, "I saw your organs" with a blank look on his face afterwards. BUT, he said, while gross, it was totally worth it to see. Plus, I promise you'll be just fine having a C, you just have to think positive and remember that while much more difficult, little girls are worth it. :)

Kelly said...

Jim is a passer outer too. What's with these 6ft plus men and their week stomachs? Jim did fine in the operating room though. He did just like Jeanette's husband, stayed below the curtain. I had my Mom in there as well just in case though.

I was very nervous for a c-section but everything was fine. Good luck Amber!

Trippleaaa said...

Maybe Dan could make it.... you really can't see over the curtain unless you try too. I hope things go well... we're sending happy baby vibes your way!

Domrese Family Blog said...

My mom is super excited about coming in and taking pictures. If I can have both of them, I totally will, but I'm pretty sure the limit is one person. Dan is definitely a strong passer outer. This morning we both had to get 7 vials of blood drawn for our embryo donation and he nearly passed out at in had to have recliner, ice packs, and juice brought in. He is definitely weak stomached.

HJohnson said...

It's getting closer and closer all the time. I will be sending happy thoughts your way--I can't imagine a c-section. Good luck--do they have a timeline for that, or are they just going to wait until you go into labor?? My prayers are with Dan too. I know he will be with you even if it's not physically.

Nicole said...

How are you size-wise compared to your pregnancy with the boys? You don't seem as big too me. I'm super excited for you!!!! A c-section can be scary, but after all the medical things you've been though, you'll do great! :)

PS You're doing embryo donation? That's a noble thing to do!

Domrese Family Blog said...

Size-wise, I'm just now getting bigger than I was with the boys. At first I was a lot smaller, but now that I've gone longer than I went with the boys, I'm bigger. I measure about 44 weeks at this point. The girls are definitely carrying differently though. Most of what you see is Kaitlyn, Molly is hiding really REALLY low!

The embryo donation was the only thing that made sense to Dan and I.

Kait T said...

Jerry almost passed out watching Molly come out. :) Are they scheduling a c-section then?