Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Could I get a large cup of ice please?

Yup. That's my order at Sonic. Every day. Maybe even twice a day. I realize this is a little obsessive, but it's so yummy. It's my one big craving (aside from Easter peanut M&M's) this pregnancy. I think it becomes a bad sign when they greet you at the window with, "Hello again today."Oops. They apparently look for me every day. I explained that if they don't see me that day, I might not be back. I'm hoping this need for ice will pass after the pregnancy! However, in the meantime, I guess I'll just be the most loyal ice eater that goes to Sonic. Even if it is just 22 cents every time I go. :)

On another note, things seem to be changing. Will it be soon? I don't know. When I chatted with my nurse she said within the next 2 weeks probably. I'm really working on day by day at this point. Molly has moved down even further and any more movement and she will be waving to everyone (TMI? Sorry.). They are still pretty active, so I'm hoping I'll get through Easter Vigil on Saturday evening, but I'll do my best to update as time moves on. I either have a sore back from carrying twins, or I'm contracting more than I think in my back....hmmmmm....we'll see!!


Carissalayla said...

Amber I always remember you chewing on ice even in highschool, too funny!

Kim said...

I was OBSESSED with ice while I was in high school. I read an article once that said that people who crave ice have low that could help explain it? Once I got my iron levels up to normal the cravings just seemed to disappear. Maybe it will go away after the girls are born and your body adjusts to not being preggo anymore?

Domrese Family Blog said...

I take extra iron pills every night still because I am anemic. It IS better after I'm done being pregnant, but never totally goes away. If Sonic didn't have that awesome ice, it wouldn't even be an issue, but I just can't live without it! The boys call it "mommy's chewy ice!" :)