Wednesday, April 15, 2009

36 Week Dr Appt

Dr. Barrong is out of town, so today I saw a nurse/midwife. Nothing much has changed (despite my efforts). I am now officially dilated to a 2, and 50% effaced. Any person reaching in likes to comment on the fact that Molly's head is so low. I find it amusing that they think I might actually be surprised by this information. Have they seen me walk? I measure at 44 weeks, so I measure at the same size as someone with 1 baby, 4 weeks overdue. I know this to be true because my skin is fully stretched. It is beginning to tear from the inside out. This happened last time as well and is the number 1 reason that labor is welcome at this point. If you put a hand on my stomach (which I don't mind you doing) you will feel Kaitlyn everywhere. That girl has the most room and yet she is pushing out at every angle. You can feel her head, her rear, her knees, EVERYTHING. This girl enjoys her space!

It seems as though I'll probably make it through the weekend and see what happens next week. I have my ultrasound and nonstress test on Friday, so I'll update then unless something happens earlier.

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Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

Wow, Amber, those girls are not in any hurry to come out are they?? You must have one comfy utero!
Can't wait!