Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Confirmed...I'm A Catholic

We were really worried about making it through Easter Vigil tonight. I was sure I would be in labor and unable to attend, but we made it without a hitch! The Easter Vigil is about 3 hours long, so one of my class instructors brought a recliner and I sat in the back in my comfy recliner and listened to the service. When it became close to my time to be a part of the service I joined friends and family in the hard wooden pews. The contractions seem to still be fairly inconsistent, but are gaining momentum. I'd guess they were about every 20-30 min throughout the church service. Here are some pictures from beforehand. I'm currently 35 weeks, 2 days.


Trippleaaa said...

Aw, I'm catholic too! Not really practicing. I was born and raised catholic, baptised, first communion, confirmed and I went to Catholic School! 5-8th grade! Congratulations!

The Butterfields said...

Yay Catholic lady!! I"m so super proud of you. :)
And you made it through a 3 hour mass, if you can do that 9 months pregnant, you can do anything. lol
Btw, you looked really cute too!

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

I guess those girls didn't want you to miss the vigil (nor did they want you to have to do be confirmed on your own!). You look great..keep up the good work!

HJohnson said...

I never I thought I would see the day when you became Catholic! Congrats--