Friday, April 3, 2009

34 Weeks, 1 Day (Non-Stress Test #1)

From now on, Fridays are busy, busy, busy!

The morning started off with my first non-stress test. I had taken my book with the theory that I could read while they monitored the babies. No such luck. First they hook you up to the fetal monitors. Not a big deal except Baby A (Molly) is always difficult and hard to find, so once they found her they had to push down on her and hold the monitor on her at all times. Ouch! Instead of reading my book I had to sit and push a button every time one of them moved. My poor finger was so tired by the end of it. After a while, baby A wasn't moving enough (so far, she's my mellow child) so they got out a little zapper. At least that's what it looked like. It just made this huge vibration across my tummy. Baby B totally flipped out and started kicking like crazy. Unfortunately that meant she was kicking Baby A's head, so then Baby A got in on the action. After a certain amount of time the babies must get settled back down. That seemed to take forever after all the effort to wake them up. Overall...the babes passed with no problem. We go back again next week for the next one.

Next I went to my OB's for an ultrasound. It was much quicker this time since there was no measuring, just checking things off a list to make sure they are acting correctly. I know they looked at movement (again Baby A needed a little jolt), breathing (both girls are practicing breathing), amniotic fluid level (there is plenty) and position. There are 8 things because I was told they both scored an 8/8. Again, the ultrasound technician commented on Kaitlyn's amount of hair. She said it was a lot of hair because it was so clear on the monitor. Poor hairy baby! :)

I then met with my OB. After showing him my glucose numbers he commented, "Your numbers look great, you're not diabetic." Have I said this before? That test was screwy because every single time I checked my blood sugar, I've been totally fine. Not even riding the line, but totally and utterly fine. He requested that I check my blood sugar once a day, probably not going to happen, but way better than 4 times a day. He said everything looks good and that I complain way less than his other twin mom's. Hooray! It's really because I save all the complaining for Dan. :) He measured my tummy and I am now measuring 43 weeks (meaning I'm as big as someone carrying a singleton at 43 weeks). Can't really complain, am feeling great...which makes me feel that I might not be too far away.

I've done some massive nesting lately. We are almost ready for babies to come. I'll try and pack my hospital bag this weekend and we'll put in baby car seats this weekend. It's crazy that it could be this close! The boys were born 1 week from today (gestation-wise). Crazy!!!! More updates to come as things progress.


HJohnson said...

I can't believe you're that close!!! Yea--can't wait!

Brit_Chick72 said...

Where did the time go? Crazy! H xx