Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ultrasound at 23 weeks

This morning was my ultrasound. Bright and early...7:30! The girls were difficult as always. It took a long time to locate some of the parts that last time they were unable to see. The girls are pros at turning at exactly the time the technician finds the aorta or the nose and lips. Everything looks great. I have my follow-up with Dr. Barrong tomorrow. As soon as I laid down for the ultrasound, she asked if I'd been drinking water to keep my amniotic fluid levels up since they were low last time. I had a mini freak out having not been told my levels were low. She looked again and said they were low, but totally fine. She checked them again today and said they were high so I guess it was just the day or the technician or something. I generally drink 6-10 bottles of water a day and then follow-up with a little juice or Diet Caffeine Free Coke, so there is almost always liquid going in. As far as I could tell the girls look as though their growth is on track. Baby A is all the way down hiding behind my pelvis bone. Baby B is living the high life in my ribs and has plenty of room to stretch out. The pictures from today were not great since they couldn't get any real facial shots due to the girls always moving around. I can see that ultrasounds will not be as enjoyable from this point on. By the end of the hour, I was about ready to beg to be done.

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