Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bloodwork and More Bloodwork

A couple weeks ago, Joshua came down with a fever for two days. He then got a rash. After a couple days, I called the doctor and took him in to confirm it wasn't Fifths Diseas (which you can't be around if you're pregnant). The doctor confirmed it was just a virus and proclaimed him not contagious. We decided that he and Thomas must have had the same thing (both had fevers at the same time) and that Josh just responded through a fever. Well, a week later, Thomas came down with a fever AGAIN and got the rash. ARG! His was worse, so I called again and we again went in (on Halloween). This time, the nurse said that it WAS Fifths Disease (but recanted when I pressed her for information). I called my OBGYN and they scheduled me for a bloodtest to see if I had the virus or if I was immune. If you've had it once, you are immune after that. Today my bloodwork came back, and I'm immune. We are guessing the boys just had a virus.

As I'm talking with my nurse I explained to her that I am losing an extraordinary amount of hair. Not little bits and pieces, but I can pull it out in chunks. I had my hairdresser (also my SIL Angie) check it and she was also concerned and told me to get it checked. Now I get to go in for another blood draw tomorrow to get my thyroid checked. AND my initial bloodwork done at the office came back with elevated white blood cell count. I'm hoping this is all due to that previously mentioned virus, but now I have to get it all redone...tomorrow. YUCK! I thought it was suppose to be easier the second time around?


Kait Toompas said...

Did you get your blood work back???

Carissalayla said...

I wish I could give you some of my hair, it's way to thick right now!