Tuesday, October 28, 2008

12 Weeks

Well tomorrow I will be 12 weeks. Welcome to the 2nd trimester! The nausea and exhaustion seems to be fading to the background, but not quickly enough. Certain smells and certain times of the day are still really hard and I find myself needing to snack to keep everything down. I am officially out of my regular clothes and into maternity clothes. My final pair of jeans became too small today (extremely sad about that) and I've moved fully into maternity wear. I had forgotten how great maternity pants are though. No zipper and no buttons...using the restroom just got a ton faster! Except for the fact that I know go about twice an hour. Not that I'm complaining, I know it will get a lot worse. I currently drink about 6 bottles of water a day. I remember that getting to about 10 with the boys, it seems I'm always thirsty.

This time around I'm measuring how much I grow every week. It's fairly interesting. So far, I am growing about 1/2 inch around every week. No numbers to be disclosed, but it's fairly sad that Dan's pants are already too small for me! :) More updates to come!

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Yeah for 2nd trimester!!!