Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Regular OB Appointment

I have not yet met my OB, but met the nurse instead. It was a typical visit. A blood draw, urine sample, and lots of questions about medical history. She did search for the heartbeats, and either found both of them or only one (hard to tell at this point). She found one at 166 and one at 164. They are too close to tell if it was both heartbeats or if she just found one. I am still growing and measuring for twins, so there is no concern at this point. The same thing happened with the boys and because they had a hard time finding one of the babies with even the internal ultrasound at my specialist, I kind of expected it. The babies were super active and you could hear the swish of them moving as soon as she found them with the doppler. She was chasing them all over my stomach which was kind of funny. Thankfully this is my second time around so the idea of not finding a heartbeat wasn't as scary. Last time I was petrified at this point. I have an ultrasound scheduled for November 14th. It seems a long ways away, but with Halloween, we are super busy, so I know it will come fast. I'm excited to see how they've grown!!!!!

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