Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Do I Still Drive?

If you were around for my last pregnancy, you know that driving was my downfall. At 19 weeks I got rear-ended. I was sent to the hospital, and released with minor contractions. At 29 weeks I hit a buck on my 65 mile commute to work. I managed to finish the drive to work, get a sub, and head to the hospital (65 miles back). I was then hospitalized overnight to stop the contractions and then sent home. I then just quit driving.

Last night, Dan and I were heading to a turkey dinner at a church with his family. It was dark. At a 4-way intersection near our house, we met another car. And by met I mean, came nose to nose. I definitely had the right-of-way, and while I slowed down, he was going really fast. We came only inches from hitting. Dan still can't believe the guy didn't slam into me. He would've hit Thomas' side at at least 40 mph. My heart rate was so high and my adrenaline was really rushing. We continued on our way, but the smell of burnt rubber never really went away. Only a mile further down the road, I was forced to slam on my breaks again as a lady in extremely dark clothing was crossing the street on an unlit section of the road, unattentive to the approaching traffic. Dan started yelling wondering why I was slamming on my breaks again, until I showed him the lady in front of my car.

I'm nearly done driving at this point of my pregnancy already. If this is already happening, I might as well stay home.

**Updates this afternoon about my ultrasound.

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