Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let the Injections Begin!

Well, here we go! Night #1 of injections. Dan "had" to go to a Shock game, so I called my friend Helen over to document the momentous occasion. Thanks Helen! Have I ever said how much I hate needles? You'd think it would be easier for me given the amount I gave myself just to have the boys, but every first time is the worst. The anxiousness and excitement are pretty overwhelming. The shot itself only takes about 20 seconds from beginning to end, but it's a long time when stabbing yourself with a sharp object. All in all it went well.

This is the time when I start to become a little anal. No more caffeine. I drink tons of water to keep hydrated. I stay more rested and eat better (not too tough for me). Tomorrow night...another shot. Here goes the next chapter in our lives!

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