Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Injecting at Church

Tonight was our biweekly church class that Dan and I attend. Unfortunately it begins promptly at the time I need to be taking my shot. Since I'm completely anal-retentive about timing, I took my shot stuff with me. I exited the room at 6:58, filled my syringe and had a little melt-down. Have I done all injections wrong? No....just the hormones talking. Dan joined me on the stairwell, gave a little moral support and at 7:00 PM I was injecting myself once again.

The injections are going well. I have little poke marks from where the needle has entered each spot. I rotated sides of the abdomen each night just to give one side a rest. Tonight was my last night of birth control...hooray! Now it's a week of solid injections and then a change in regimen along with my first ultrasound/blood draw. So far, everything is fine. I'm exhausted, but hopefully that will remain the case for the next 10 months, plus a few years! :)

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Jeannette said...

You are so brave and I love these updates! Keep 'em comin'!