Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drugs to Arrive Shortly....Getting Nervous!

So my pharmacy (not your regular Walgreens, but the big ole Fertility Drug Pharmacy) called today with my order for drugs. My doctor placed the order and the pharmacy called to collect payment and discuss shipment details. I gave the pharmacy my insurance info and they rattled through the drugs I would be taking. We had budgeted $200 for drugs. Imagine my surprise when the total came to $47! Hooray! For having an insurance that doesn't support artificial means of conception, it did a great job today! When they told me the delivery date, it made my heart race. Boy, this sucker is really coming up! I'm about to start injecting myself. This is crazy! While I know we are ready, it feels like a really big deal. Should getting pregnant be such a big deal? I called Dan and he totally freaked out. It just makes it so real. I think he's nervous about giving me injections again. Luckily, he's got a little while before it becomes his turn to inject me.

Here's my Mastercard Commercial (spellings may be wrong, it was over the phone):

Doxycycline (tablets)- $3.00
Estradial (tablets)- $3.00
Lupilide (injections)- $3.00
Medrol (tablets)- $3.00
Progesterone (tablets)- $9.00
Progesterone (injections)- $9.00
Needles & Syringes- $12.00
Sharps Container- $5.00
More kids- Priceless

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Nicole said...

The mastercard commercial is great! :) I look forward to hearing all about your "adventures". I hope we will be pregnant together so we can share stories.