Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is it wrong to argue with the child that is in utero?

Kaitlyn and I are arguing tonight. She has decided that even though she holds the most room and is entirely stretched out that she has now run out of room. She is stretched all the way on top. Tonight she has decided to insert herself into my ribcage. Not just a little bit, but enough that I can't breathe or even move when she does it. And she's not just putting an arm or something simple, oh no, she's shoving her entire upper body up there. I'm really only comfortable when Dan sits next to me and uses his entire arm to lay across my body and push her down. She fights and squirms, but it is way more comfortable for me. The poor doctor will get an earful on Tuesday at my appointment. I'll try and get some pictures taken tomorrow to update the blog.


Kait T said...

Ouch! Sam liked to put his feet in my ribs - it's so painful. she sounds like a little naught girl already! :)

coco-ono said...

I argued with Zeke ALL the time there at the end. And I shoved him back from time to time too.