Monday, April 27, 2009

First Outings

Mommy has cabin fever. After 3 days at the hospital and 3 days at home, it's time to get out. Yesterday we got out of the house for a short trip to the carousel. I sat with the girls while the boys, daddy, and Ba rode the carousel. The amazing part was that Ba (Aunt Kim) got the golden ring twice in a row! After that, I was done and the girls were done, so Dan dropped us off back home and went back down for a few more rides. I didn't take any pictures of the girls at RFP as they slept covered in the stroller.

Tonight we went to Applebees for Uncle Adam's birthday. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about multiple parts of this adventure. For one, just getting out of the house takes an unimaginable amount of time. Since dinner was at 4:30, I started packing the diaper bag and getting everything laid out an hour earlier. This works well until it comes to feeding time. It's tricky to try and feed the girls and get the maximum amount of time before the next feeding, but also get enough time before traveling that they aren't spitting up (or choking on spit up) while driving to the destination. Both girls decided to be hungry (again) at 4:05. Dan got the boys in the van and got gas while I fed the girls (again) and tried to get them in car seats. I was pretty impressed that we were only a half hour late. The girls were extremely well behaved and sat quietly through all of dinner. I was nervous we'd have to do a feeding at the restaurant which in itself is not a big deal, except it takes quite a while, so occupying the boys could have been an issue. Luckily, the girls were good and we escaped the outing unscathed.

More pictures tomorrow as the girls will be a week old!


Kait T said...

Wow. You are a brave soul.

Carissalayla said...

Holy cow...after Carter and Theo were born I didn't leave the house for what felt like weeks! more proof that you are indeed Super Mom (but I suspected that all along!)

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

Way to go, Amber, I'm super impressed! I know how it is with cabin fever...our little people like to get out of the house (and we do too!)