Wednesday, December 10, 2008

18 Weeks...Halfway Point!

Today I am officially 18 weeks. Nope, no pictures. Did I spend my day playing with the boys? No. Did I spend my day out and about? No. We are all sick. I spent my morning at the doctor's office. I called my mom last night and told her my eardrum was going to explode. She came over first thing this morning and I ran to the doctor's and got a prescription for my ear infection. Awesome. The nice thing was that mom cleaned my kitchen while I was gone. Thanks mom! The boys were tired, sick, and cranky all day, so we lounged around watching movies and playing on the floor.

I am excited to be halfway (I'd be thrilled to make it past 36 weeks, but right now that's my goal). 36 weeks is April 15th, for those counting. :) I'll get some pictures up this weekend as Dan and I have a date night (as long as we rope a babysitter) planned. It's a dressy event, so we'll try and get some pictures then.

The boys and Dan are noticing daily belly growth at this point. Thomas remarked yesterday, "Look daddy, even mommy's belly button is really big!" And Dan opened a drawer only to realize he couldn't because my belly was in the way...not that I was real close or anything! I feel them move sporadically, especially when lying down or when holding one of the boys. Some days it seems they are real active, and days like today, they are real quiet. I hate the quiet days.

Look for an update Friday! It's ultrasound day! We get to find out what we're having!


coco-ono said...

Im checking every hour until you get home from your ultrasound Amber. I'm so excited!

Jeannette said...

Seriously. Its Friday at 2:30. Where's our frickin' update?