Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Hospital Visit

Ok, I know, I know, no more shoveling. Pretty sure I've learned my lesson. After shoveling yesterday morning, I could feel the contractions pretty strong. It took me all day long to get them stopped...or rather I slept through them. When I woke up to contractions this morning, I was mighty uncomfortable about the fact that they would not stop. These are not painful, hurting contractions, mind you, just the mild Braxton-Hicks contractions. However, they are every 3-5 minutes, so that's scary. And doubled with the fact that this is all I felt even throughout all of labor, it was a little concerning. After lunch, Dan ran with Josh to Blockbuster to return a movie. The contractions got stronger and closer together, so I called him and told him to just pull in the driveway so we could get checked at the hospital. I spent about 2 hours being monitored in Labor and Delivery and had a brief ultrasound to check on babies. Basically, with my history there is no way to tell if what I'm feeling is Braxton-Hicks or real contractions. At this point, I just have to monitor and lay low. We are all hoping the contractions are due to the shoveling. I was able to be released with no drugs or medications and no bedrest. But, if I go back again, I know they'll make me stay down.

The lesson? No shoveling. Got it.


Kait T said...

Scary!Keep those babies in Lady! :) If you need any help with anything, even cleaning I'd be happy to come over or even just to play with the kids, or bring playmates for the kids :) call me up!!!

The Cofield's said...

I am not your mother, but PLEASE slow things down for your is still way too early for those baby girls to meet their mommy!