Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ultrasound and Heartbeat

Have I ever told you I'm not patient? I think I am losing my mind!

The appointment this morning was full of surprises and scariness (kind of my typical appointment right now). When he first focused on my uterus I could see two sacs. They are both still there. Unfortunately, only one has a heartbeat. This is still great news. However, he (Dr. Robins) says that it's still about 3 days too slow. I'm still skimming the bottom line on whether or not the pregnancy is viable. He said he wouldn't be surprised if there was no heartbeat next week. That is scary!

Who knows what we'll do now. I'm thinking we'll just tell our families, but not in a big announcement type way like planned, but instead a calmer matter-of-fact way. Not sure yet. I do need to find someone to give me an injection on Fri and Sat since Dan will be out of town. ARG!


Nicole said...

How scary! I'm not patient either, so I understand. I'll continue to send you positive thoughts.

Nicole said...

When's your next appointment?

Becky said...

Our prayers are multiplied and fervent! I pray that God will grant you His peace as you work through this next week. I pray for a strong heartbeat for your baby and a fiesty(sp?) spirit of strength to make it through and hold on!

In-Vitro Here We Come! said...

My next appointment is not until next Friday!!!!!

Trippleaaa said...

Amber, you are such a brave woman for going through all of this! You are in our thoughts and prayers... I hope Friday brings good news :)